Long-lasting, aesthetic permeable paving on a budget… surely not?

Well, that’s now a reality with Plasgrid porous paving, as demonstrated here with this picturesque pathway recently installed at The Pig in Hampshire.

Our lightweight yet high quality grid system is ideal for light duty and pedestrian traffic, more than adequate to cater for guests to this country hotel and restaurant.

Plasgrid Permeable Paving Installed at The Pig Hotel Restaurant

Permeable Paving That Won't Break The Piggy Bank!

Plasgrid permeable paving is suitable in both domestic and commercial settings alike, making it perfect for any of the following applications (and loads more):

  • Caravan & motorhome parking
  • Domestic driveways
  • Access routes
  • Overspill parking
  • Shed & greenhouse bases
  • Gardens/lawns
  • Playgrounds

Our experts were put to the task of developing a long-lasting porous paver that won’t simply fall apart with pressure a few years down the line (if that), like the cheap alternatives and foreign imports we’ve seen out there.

Plasgrid Permeable Paving Installed at The Pig Hotel Restaurant

The Pig‘s new pathway benefits from reinforcement (withstanding up to 200 tonne loads) and is virtually invisible once installed. Plasgrid features unique built-in spikes on the underside of the grid, keeping your installation firmly in place. Gravel-filled, grass-filled, no problem!

Plasgrid comes stocked in green as standard with black, with brown and white colour options also available on slightly longer lead times. And it’s priced from only £7.99 a square metre so you’ll save some bacon!

Get in touch today: sales@plasgrid.com / 0845 838 7542